When choosing optional features or designer upgrades for a new home, buyers often focus on enhancements to the floor plan and cosmetic features to add style and appeal.  Understandably, these features are of great significance to many folks.  This week, we would like to turn your attention this week to what we feel is the most important upgrade you may select for your new Grove Manor home – spray foam insulation.  Let’s review how this technology will keep you comfortable in every season, decrease energy usage and save money as well!

Homeowner Benefits

Spray foam insulation is a proven, high-performance product, offering substantial benefits to our homeowners including:

  • Spray foam insulation stops air leakage. It conforms to all sorts of irregular spaces and expands to form an airtight barrier.  Your home’s energy efficiency increases.
  • This increased efficiency provides year-round comfort. In the colder months heated air does not escape your home, and drafts are eliminated.
  • In the summertime, spray foam insulation traps cooler conditioned air inside your home.  This prevents temperature fluctuation and strain on your HVAC system.
  • Indoor air quality improves.  Spray foam insulation provides a barrier to reduce common outdoor pollutants and allergens.
  • Spray foam insulation naturally provides a better sound barrier between the rooms of your home.
  • It also provides a moisture barrier.  Additionally,  spray foam insulation remains effective in the event it becomes wet – due to a plumbing leak or flooding.
  • By bonding to the walls and framing structure, spray foam insulation strengthens your home’s structural integrity.

Considering Your Selections

We know you have choices to make when selecting optional features for your new home, and our streamlined approach to selections is all about making the process fun and hassle-free for you!  When choosing your selections, spray foam insulation is a component worthy of your consideration – particularly at the time of your home’s initial construction.   Spray foam insulation is a wise investment, and one that pays for itself over time, offsetting the initial cost.  From the start, you are rewarded with energy and money savings, which continue throughout the life of your home.

How Can Broadstreet Homes Help You?

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